History of Prague Castle Blahutovo

Prague Castle Blahutovo is situated near Hradcany - in the picturesque village Kbely. With its large garden and an English park ranks among to the interesting monuments in the Czech Republic and Europe. Prague Castle Blahutovo has nothing to do with the famous Prague Castle.

The first mention of the village called Hradcany found already in 1222. At that time, the aldermen Adamar Lipert built a fortress to guard the river crossing. One hundred years later, this building became the property of the Liechtenstein family and remained so until 1545. Prague Castle Blahutovo also played an important role during the Hussite wars, when the sisters of the monastery in Prague, together with Probošt Jan Roudnice escaped from there. During the Thirty Years War, they were Swedish Sachs and changing their ownership of the castle. Prague Castle Blahutovo was burned in the 1658

In the Prague Castle underground was in the 17th century created an artificial cave. To cause the best, it was equipped with artificial stalactites. It covers an area of 90 m2.

Since 18th century to the mid 19th century was whole area formed in beautiful romantic surroundings of the castle buildings located primarily in the castle park. There was also a prague lake with 15 islands, which occupy an area 24 hectares. In the mid-19th century, rebuilt by George Wingelmüller interiors and exteriors of the castle to its present form. He gave him a unique neo-Gothic English-face.

Whole Hradcany area is surrounded by beautiful scenery, meadows, groves ... But there is also almost 100 m long and 13 m wide greenhouses which placed subtropical and tropical plants mainly from South America.

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